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3,84 EUR*
Details Colonial Needle Pebbles Embroidery Needles-Size 5/10 16/Pkg

PEBBLES-Embroidery Needles. This package contains sixteen embroidery needles. Size: 5/10. Imported.

13,75 EUR*
Details Sublime Stitching Embroidery Patterns-I Luv Veggies

SUBLIME STITCHING-Embroidery Patterns. This isn't your grandmother's embroidery! These stitching patterns come in a variety of fun designs and each one comes with complete instructions and an embroidery lesson so even beginners can create fantastic ...

12,92 EUR*
Details DMC Beginners Embroidery Kit - Floral Embroidery - Anemone by DMC

DMC Stickpackung für Einsteiger, florale Stickerei - AnemoneStickpackung enthält: weißem Baumwollstoff mit gedruckt Umriss, DMC Stickgarn von Baumwollgarnen, Nadel und Anleitung.Weiße Evenweave Stoff.Ungefähre Größe: 10,2 x 10,2 cm (10 x 10 cm).DMC ...

6,71 EUR*
Details Clover Plastic Embroidery Stitching Hoop 4.75"

CLOVER-Plastic Embroidery Hoop. Perfect for embroidery stitching and traditional embroidery. The edge of the inner hoop grips the fabric firmly keeping it taut. The screw cover on the outer hoop keeps threads on the edge of the fabric from tangling ...

3,70 EUR*
Details Colonial Needle Embroidery Hand Needles-Size 3/9 16/Pkg

COLONIAL NEEDLE-John James-Crewel/Embroidery Hand Needles. Used for hand embroidery using floss. The elongated eye is designed to accommodate strands of embroidery floss. Same length and point as an ordinary sharp needle, but with an elongated eye. 16 ...

2,68 EUR*
Details DMC Linen Embroidery Floss 8.7Yd-Light Tan

Dmc Linen Embroidery Floss 8.7Yd-Light Tan

12,78 EUR*
Details Epaulette Embroidery Scissors 3.5"

GINGHER-These embroidery scissors have been finished with needle sharp points and precision edges for the most intricate embroidery applications. Includes a fitted leather sheath. Feature nickel-plated blades and gold-plated handles. Measure 3-1/2 ...

7,69 EUR*
Details Marbleized Embroidery Scissors 3.75"-Golden Copper

DMC-Marbleized Scissors Golden Copper are premium quality 3.75 embroidery scissors with stainless steel blades and unique decorative marbleized handles. Perfect for embroidery, creative stitchery, needlepoint, crewel, sewing, plus scrapbooking and ...

17,70 EUR*
Details Dmc 6-Strand Embroidery Cotton 100g Cone-Violet Very Dark by DMC: Cone Floss

DMC-Six Strand Embroidery Floss: 100% Cotton. The largest manufacturer of embroidery floss has cones of approximately 450yds/411m for the Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Needlepoint fanatics. Measurements: 4-3/4x2-3/4in. Made in USA.

3,99 EUR*
Details Hemline Nähmaschinennadeln Sticknadeln 90/14 (medium)

machine embroidery needle.;embroidery needles are designed for machine embroidery using rayon cotton and polyester embroidery thread.

17,37 EUR*
Details Embroidery Scissors 4"

GINGHER-Embroidery Scissors 4 inches with leather sheath can be used for cutting threads in sewing, crafts and needle arts. Scissors are double-plated chrome over nickel.

2,74 EUR*
Details Susan Bates Anchor Embroidery & Tapisserie Wool 10.9yds-9154

Anchor-Embroidery And Tapisserie Wool. Anchor Tapisserie Wool Is A Particularly Hard Wearing And Durable Wool With A Tight Twist To Minimize Fraying When Working With Canvas, Which Can Have Rough Edges. This Package Contains 10.9 Yards Of Embroidery ...

3,55 EUR*
Details Wood Embroidery Hoop W/Round Edges 3"-

EDMUNDS-Wood Embroidery Hoop. Embroidery hoops are great for working all kinds of crafts-- from needle arts to fabric painting. Once the project is finished, embellish the edges with lace, paint, gems or other such materials and use it as a display ...

6,99 EUR*
Details Elbesee 2H10 | Polished Hardwood 10in Tapestry/Embroidery Hoop by Elbesee

Dimensions: 25cm / 10in diameter.;Elbesee high quality 10 inch wooden tapestry/embroidery hoop made from close-grain beech with smooth radius edges.;For embroidery, and other needlecrafts.;Consists of inner ring and outer adjustable ring with screw ...

41,94 EUR*
Details Embroidery Cushions

Both sides of this beautiful fabric embroidery cushion have rose pictures. It is soft and comfortable to sit on. This price is including 2 covers and 2 pillows. made of fabric each approx. 18" x 18"

21,60 EUR*
Details Joy! Crafts Cut, Emboss & Embroidery Dies-Flowers For A Friend

JOY!CRAFTS-Cut; Emboss & Embroidery Dies. Use these stencils for embossing; cutting; and pricking the embroidery pattern. They will create beautiful floral designs. This 5-1/4x8 inch package contains three metal dies. Design: Flowers For A Friend ...

9,99 EUR*
Details Stickgarn 100 StückBaumwolle Stripy Embroidery Floss multifarbenperfektfür Friendship Bracelets Freundschaftsbänder Kit StickereiBasteln Leisure Arts Kreuzstich Embroidery Threads NähgarneHäkeln 8m (gemischteFarben)

100 teiliges Set aus 8 m Gestreiften Näh- Stick-Baumwollgarn von KurtzyWenn Sie ein Anfänger im Sticken sind oder es bereits seit Jahren tun, ist dieses Set genau das Richtige für Sie! Mit 100 Farben werden Ihnen viele Auswahlmöglichkeiten geboten ...

10,06 EUR*
Details Edmunds '6 German Hand Maschine Embroidery hoop-or

EDMUNDS-German Wood Embroidery Hoop. Embroidery hoops are great for working all kinds of crafts-- from needle arts to fabric painting. Once the project is finished it can also be used as a display frame. The edges have been sanded to a smooth finish ...

41,94 EUR*
Details Embroidery Dark Green Cushions

Both sides of this beautiful fabric embroidery cushion have god pictures. It is soft and comfortable to sit on. This price is including 2 covers and 2 pillows. made of fabric each approx. 18" x 18"

6,90 EUR*
Details DMC Embroidery Scissors 3.75"-

DMC-A premium quality scissor with stainless steel blades and gold plated handles. Perfect for embroidery, creative stitchery and sewing, as well as for scrapbooking and crafting. Size: 3 3/4. Features gold handles and silver blades.

8,11 EUR*
Details Stork Embroidery Scissors by DMC

DMC Stork Embroidery Scissors; Approximate size: 3,5 (9 cm); ideal für sewing Work INCLUDING CROSS STITCH and Tapestry; Comes in hat Kunststoff Wallet to keep it in and INCLUDES A Kunststoff Punkt Protector

2,15 EUR*
Details DMC 6-Strand Embroidery Cotton 8.7yd-Snow White

DMC-Six-Strand Embroidery Cotton. A brilliant, six-strand floss made from double mercerized, long staple 100% cotton fibers. The floss is packed twelve 8.7yd/8m skeins per box. Imported.

68,78 EUR*
Details Sulky Embroidery Slimline Starter Assortment-

SULKY-Slimline Embroidery Starter Assortment contains 27 of the most used 40 weight Rayon colors and Sulky Black-0020 and White- 0010 bobbin thread. Colors include: 1001-bright white, 1005-black, 1017-pastel peach, 1019-peach, 1024-goldenrod, 1032-med ...

19,22 EUR*
Details Leisure Arts-Modern Primitive Embroidery

Follow the directions to transfer a simple line drawing onto fabric. Then use basic stitches and easy embellishments to create modern textile beauty. Includes 12 designs. 36 pages. More Info: LEISURE ARTS-Modern Primitive Embroidery is the greatest ...